“Would you take less money and in exchange for what?”

There was a time when money was the primary reason for changing jobs. It still is; but with the rising focus on quality of life and career charting, the trend has started showing shifts.

Taking salary cuts for a job that is a ‘better fit’ is no longer a rarity. The reasons for taking ‘less money’ is quickly shifting from personal/family reasons to better work culture, greater growth prospects, knowledgeable peers and more.

When I say ‘take less money’, I do not speak with reference to the current compensation alone but also the expected income one wishes to draw at the time of a switch. Majority of candidates have begun to remove the ‘monetary compensation alone’ blinkers and begun to look beyond just how much a job pays. While this is an important trend for the recruiters, it becomes even more important for the rest of the HR fraternity for it is primarily reasons under our control that bring in a candidate for lesser money.

I, myself moved roles despite there being no major increase in compensation. Why? I could site a number of reasons none of them which fall into the ‘personal reasons’ bucket. However, what I am more interested in is to know your answer.

So tell me – Would you take less money and in exchange for what?


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