All that Junk!

Imagine my chagrin when my LinkedIn home page began to resemble that of Facebook. Not to mention updates in profile pictures with multiple ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. Moreover, LinkedIn’s latest move enabling all users to post content has significantly increased clutter on the site.

I loved LinkedIn, I did. I especially enjoyed posts published by Influencers. I’ve used this blog to push people to read much of what the Influencers post.
Not anymore!

I’m sure that the influencers still post great stuff but having to sift through junk just to get to these posts requires great effort. The only useful reading I do on LinkedIn now are few of the recommended posts but I no longer enjoy logging in.

Fistful of talent, fast company and a lot of other blogs provide better content sans the junk. There is just too much repetition and too many posts on LinkedIn that were obviously written just for the sake of getting some content out there. I’m sure the intentions were good and it’s a good opportunity for a lot of people to put their thoughts out there. It’s just that all that junk is maddening!

Would I post on LinkedIn? Maybe not, definitely not right now.

P.S: This looks a lot like the assignment #3 of Social Psychology on Coursera where students are to mandatorily post 5 comments/posts for 10 credit points. A lot of junk there too!


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