3 reasons why ThoughtWorks should hire me!

(A lesson in employee advocacy)

Attention recruiters at ThoughtWorks! Here are 3 reasons you should hire me:

1. Every time I come across a genius looking to switch, I sell ThoughtWorks.
2. When asked which company I’d like to work for, ThoughtWorks is the second name on my mind. (The first being Zappos, obviously!).
3. I’ve talked about ThoughtWorks on this blog before and in positive light!

Why do I do this even though I’ve never worked with ThoughtWorks in any capacity? Because they’ve got their concept of employee advocacy right! I have yet to meet a young thought worker who doesn’t jump out of bed in the morning raring to go to work (I have met quite a few ThoughtWorkers and I live with two of them). What more, I’ve seen them rush to office on weekends too (free food does have its perks!)

So here’s the thing about them – they talk about their company all the time and all of it is good. I know all about the events, their way of working, the fun they have at university, and the three pillars including the lesser known fourth pillar. I’ve also spoken about ThoughtWorks to a lot of others outside of the company and I’ve only heard more good stuff.

So as a result, over the past 6 months, I’ve found myself talking about ThoughtWorks all the time!

The only downside I’ve heard is the old timers cribbing about the culture slowly changing. Sounds concerning, but what the hell, I’d still love to get inside.

P.S: I do advocate for Zappos too, but it’s rarely effective since they don’t operate out of my country.


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