Bright Ideas!!

How many pointless hours have you spent in meetings discussing/debating ideas only to have your boss sticking with his original idea albeit with some minor modification? It is not an unknown fact that people love their ideas. It is also a commonly known fact that you can influence others ideas.

Here’s the thing – people always value their ideas more than any other idea that they come across. Is this a good thing? Yes. Why else would they toil and work so hard on making their idea work? Is it a bad thing? Yes. They often reject other better ideas because they are blinded by their own.

There are examples of this happening everywhere. Managers are infamous for not taking feedback on project improvements from their team members. Thomas Edison was so convinced that direct current was the best form of electricity that he did everything in his power to debase alternating current.

What is the way out? Well, get people to realize that this is their blind spot or do what marketing does all the time – Influence them. Get them to believe that your idea was actually their idea in the first place. How do you do that? I’ll leave it up to you to find out.

Go Ahead and Try influencing some ideas today!


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