I had a Eureka moment sometime today. Remember my post on Specialization? Well, I thought I’d found mine. While preparing this strategy presentation of mine, numerous articles on engagement, mentorship, career development, appreciation, upward feedback bounced in and out of my screen. (Fistful of Talent is one of my favorite places to snoop.) And suddenly I decided I wanted to be an Employee Engagement Specialist.

As I mulled over it and tried to define the role of an employee engagement specialist, another title popped into my head. Suddenly, I wanted to be an Innovation & Change Leader. So I guess we’re back to square one. While these titles do sound fancy, I have to sit and figure out what I want them to mean. In the process, there might me some more interesting names that pop up.

This is so confusing! How is it that you sort it out? Any clue?


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