45 days later

Remember me saying that we get 90 days to prove ourself? Well, my time is half up. I flew back to our headquarters last week for work and was immediately called into my boss’s office. ‘What have you done so far?’ he asked. When I said that i’d been studying the situation, talking to managers and employees alike, conducting a few communication sessions and figuring out my plan of action, his frown grew.

You’re running out of time, he said. If there is a major change you need to bring in, stop thinking and start doing! There is a certain advantage of being new to a role. The advantage being that people are more open to listening to what you have to bring to the table. The moment you begin to spend too much time analyzing and deciding, the interest wanes. It is harder to make changes post 90 days of your transition than during those 90 days.

On my flight back, I spotted the book ‘a sense of urgency’ by John Kotter; precisely the thing i need to do now. Build a sense of urgency within.

Wish me luck for my next 45 days!


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