Google Career Certificates: Redefining college degrees

The importance of a college degree has been a long standing debate especially when it comes to hiring. Why do hiring managers continue to demand resumes from premium colleges? Are these hires better performers than those who come from other colleges? Does a degree guarantee success? Is the return on investment of a college degree … Continue reading Google Career Certificates: Redefining college degrees

Differentiation: The key to great ideas

Good ideas usually have multiple differences. However, the key to finding the best ideas is to understand which differences lead to long-term competitive advantage. Basing your innovation purely on making something cheaper, or bundling offerings is short term thinking as it’s easy to replicate. The good ideas are these and much more. And the best ideas are so inventive there’s just no comparison.

The beauty of simple tech

Complexity is a weak man’s crutch. The aim of technology is to eliminate friction and integrate itself into everyday life so seamlessly that you barely notice when it’s become an inseparable part. Good design draws upon minimum amount of conscious and cognitive effort.