Let’s change how we talk about cost

My profession constantly exposes me to HR professionals with diverse perspectives. While some may consider it fun, if you’ve been around HR folks long enough, you know it can be exhausting. You may also notice that a by-product of the profession is that almost everyone in HR thinks that they know their job well. It … Continue reading Let’s change how we talk about cost


Engagement surveys: confidential vs. anonymous

Employee engagement surveys have been pitched as anonymous for as long as they have been around.I have seen organizations where employee information is not captured in any form (not even by coded numerical) and is truly anonymous. I’ve also seen organizations where employee data is captured and held secret by the survey administrator, thus making … Continue reading Engagement surveys: confidential vs. anonymous

Hello you!

It is always easier to replicate than create. You’ve seen demonstrated success and you’ve witnessed potential pitfalls. You can learn from others mistakes and you can build a strong business case for adopting the same.