Does Unconscious Bias Training really work?

When it comes to fighting discrimination at the workplace, the most popular solution that comes to mind is that of unconscious bias training. After all, if Google does it, it must work. When on April 12, 2018 a Starbucks manager called the police on two innocent men, the entire world went up in rage. Starbucks … Continue reading Does Unconscious Bias Training really work?


Book Review: 8 steps to High Performance by Marc Effron

Life is unfair. Some people begin their career with a clear advantage. Your intelligence (measured in IQ) is inherited, so is your socio-economical background, height, appearance and core personality. As per Marc Effron, these together form 50% of the factors that predict success. Nevertheless, the other 50% is entirely in your control. It is this 50% that that the book hopes to address.

HR is not about HR

Any sentence that starts with “HR is not about HR” shoots blood right to my head and makes it want to explode. I have yet to come across any professional apart from one in HR write or say a sentence more absurd than this. Have you ever heard - Marketing is not about marketing; finance is not about finance or non-profit organizations are not about non-profit organizations. Really, what does this sentence even mean?