31 day challenge: Do nothing

Lately I’ve been spending a fair bit of time reading and writing about working less (watch out for those pieces here). It all began with me stumbling upon the book by Jenny Odell called ‘How to do nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy’. Curious about the content, I watched the Talks at Google session by Odell … Continue reading 31 day challenge: Do nothing

Book Review: 8 steps to High Performance by Marc Effron

Life is unfair. Some people begin their career with a clear advantage. Your intelligence (measured in IQ) is inherited, so is your socio-economical background, height, appearance and core personality. As per Marc Effron, these together form 50% of the factors that predict success. Nevertheless, the other 50% is entirely in your control. It is this 50% that that the book hopes to address.


Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the year and are on track to making 2017 the best year so far. After all, isn’t that the entire point of a new year? Fresh starts, new resolutions and new goals to achieve. I hope you have figured out what 2017 will mean … Continue reading 2017!

Press On!

(An open letter to the employee who inspired me today.) Dear XYZ (name changed to maintain confidentiality), I logged in today to find you being publicly denounced by many for an idea that you had pitched and put into action. You were one of the few who dared participate in our idea generation contest and … Continue reading Press On!