SHRM Tech Conference 2019: Recap

I am yet to attend an HR conference where I have not learnt something new. 89% of the time, it is through conversations with the myriad HR professionals that gather at the melting pot. Every single time I walk into a conference environment, I cannot help but be surprised at the different orbits we all … Continue reading SHRM Tech Conference 2019: Recap

Six qualities for a successful startup career

Startups have been all the rage the past few years and the trend isn’t changing anytime soon. As per the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, global venture capital investments in startups hit a decade high in 2017, with over $140 billion invested. Total value creation of the global startup economy from 2015 to 2017 reached $2.3 … Continue reading Six qualities for a successful startup career

Are machines better at discrimination than human beings?

Human beings are inherently biased. We would like to believe that we are largely rational beings but as years of research has proved, we aren’t. In fact, there is an entire field of study (behavioral economics, social psychology, call it what you may) dedicated to studying human irrationality. Organizations have begun playing their part by … Continue reading Are machines better at discrimination than human beings?

Five Questions with Mark Reilly

Many have said that they are looking forward to Mark Reilly, Indeed's Director Employee Insights for APAC, talk about the human side of work and assuage any fears one may have of machines taking over the world. I struck gold when Mark agreed to answer a few questions as prepped for the conference. Let's take a sneak peak into what he had to say.