Failure Fridays & Self promotion Mondays!

This is going to be a short one. Remember the monthly challenges I used to post here on the blog? It’s been a while but I found the perfect challenge for February and I just had to bring the series back! It all started with a post on Instagram and by being added to a WhatsApp group by one of my favourite Twitter peers. But we’ll save origin stories for another time.

Failure Fridays

Last week, one of my favourite Instagram influencers (don’t judge!), posted a story about her kid’s school introducing a ‘Failure Room’. This room was a space where children were encouraged to try something new without the fear of failure. It was a mandatory hour every week and turned out to be immensely popular. As she spoke about how she wanted to bring the same concept into her life, I knew I wanted to do so too. For the past few days I’ve been knitting and un-knitting on repeat. The inability to finish five rows without dropping a stitch is getting to me. I have to keep checking myself from spiraling into anguish and push myself to return to it with the same kind of curiosity I began with. I know that expecting myself to transform into a master knitter in two weeks is outrageous and yet a part of me just wants to get good at it without the growing pains. Hence, the concept of Failure Fridays! Yes, accepting failure and experimenting is a mindset; one I’ve been advocating for a very long time now. However, this February, we’re going to take one concrete step to solidify that mindset.

Hence, for the month of February, every single Friday, I am challenging myself to do something I know I’ll be bad at. My list of probable activities includes knitting, skateboarding, learning Spanish and trying to get a Schengen visa appointment (impossible).

Self-promotion Mondays

Last week, out of the blue, I got invited to a WhatsApp group of HR professionals and in the guidelines for the group, it said – ‘Mondays are for self-promotion’. Better words have not been written! I struggle with self-promotion and the stigma associated with it. I am guilty of judging posts on LinkedIn and this same judgement stops me from posting there. I am also guilty of not marketing this blog or my podcast as much as I should be. The fear of being judged and the stigma associated with self-promotion often rears its ugly head and prohibits me from putting myself out there. To be a part of a group that encourages this is one of the most amazing things that can happen to someone. I realized I need a supportive tribe. I need a group that likes and comments on every single post (or most). I need a tribe that shares my work and supports me relentlessly.

And I need to be that tribe too. I need to promote, like, share and truly support my peers.

Thus, challenge number two: For the month of February, every single Monday, I am challenging myself to post something on LinkedIn, post a lot on Twitter and then spend thirty minutes liking, sharing and promoting my peers.

The challenge!

Per usual, the challenge to self is my challenge to you. Today, I am inviting you to join me on Failure Fridays – do something that scares you and on Self-promotion Mondays – burn the stigma and build that tribe.

You in?  


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