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Banner1There are HR conferences and then there are HR conferences that dare to go beyond because they know that HR is much more than what traditional conferences cover. The SHRM APAC conferences do just that. It is no wonder that the SHRM APAC Tech Conference 2019 has been Ranked #2 among the 6 Best Conferences for Global HR Professionals to attend in 2019 by Forbes. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us this year.

As I prep for the conference, here are three sessions you will definitely run into me at. If you aren’t there, no worries, I will recap key takeaways for you right here. Else, there is always #SHRMTECH19 on Twitter J

  1. Real and Present Danger – Coping with Malware, Hacks and other Cyber Threats

This panel discussion will have my absolute attention. For someone who has interacts with the internet a little too much and knows too little (read me), the danger is real. With Google and Facebook battling data privacy concerns, it is difficult to figure what is safe anymore. Especially in the context of organizations, it is important to understand just how equipped are we to safeguard information and how exposed are we to employee user behavior?

  1. Workplace Technology: Increasing Productivity or Increasing Stress?

Ha – the age old debate of boon or bane and being caught in the middle. I doubt if the panel will conclude either way, but the SHRM big debates are always great fun especially with Pankaj Bansal moderating it. Be prepared for uncomfortable questions and laughs. I will be glad to come away with helpful tips on how organizations can help the workforce deal with the myriad lifestyle diseases that comes with technology.

  1. Staying Human with Technology

Then, of course, the real session everyone is looking forward to. Not only because we have Sri Sri Ravi Shankar taking stage but also because we look forward to finally settling the long debate of ‘How can HR be more human in a world taken over by technology’.

I am also looking forward to the session on Entrepreneurial Leadership in the India context and much much more. These conferences have always had a special place in my heart and always will. I cannot wait to see you all there – in person or virtually!

The SHRM Tech Conference 2019 is taking place at Hyderabad on 22nd and 23rd May. If you love last minute plans and have not registered yet, here is a discount code for you (Blogsquad19 for 10% off). I look forward to seeing you there.


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