19 before 19

coverTen days to go before the New Year dawns in. With every passing year, I get a little more surprised by how quickly time has gone by. However, now is not the time to moan, now is the time to kick into action and check some boxes off the to-do list before the year ends.

I am well aware that almost the world’s population is sinking into the holiday mood and the last thing they want to read is someone telling them to kick back into action. I don’t know how many people are reading this, but if you are, I am sure you want to start 2019 on a high (not literally *hic*) and are busy making to-do lists and 2019 goals. But WAIT! Do not write 2018 off yet.

The 19 before 19 is one of my favorite lists to make. It is the one last chance to put in place everything you have delayed for an entire year for reasons controllable and uncontrollable. It is 10 days to get 19 things and I’m pumped. Even if it’s only 75% done, I’m ending the year a winner.

If you are looking for inspiration, I’m sharing my 19 before 19 list. I’ve masked a few. I will keep crossing this list as and when I’m done so that you can gauge my progress.

I hope you make your own list and if you do, please share. I might just replace some of my goals with yours or add them in.

Happy list making 🙂

2Ankita’s 19 before 19

  1. 101 terms (intentionally vague) – 95 done, 6 to go
  2. Year-end review
  3. Submit tax proofs
  4. Book a massage
  5. Finish reading the culture report
  6. Finish reading the book for offsite
  7. Write a book review for above book
  8. Host Zoho meetup
  9. X
  10. Write 5 pieces for the blog
  11. Sort finances
  12. X
  13. Prepare for 15 days of minimalism
  14. X
  15. X
  16. X
  17. X
  18. X
  19. X

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