Discrimination in the name of Diversity

birdsWhen it comes to gender diversity, I wonder

Q1: Under the pressure of diversity, at the time of hiring, do we marginalize one gender over another?

Q2: Will we hire a woman despite finding a man who performs better?

Q3: Will women begin to receive an unfair advantage only because they were born a woman?

Q4: Will men ever stop saying that we got the job just because we are a pretty face or ‘a girl’?

Q5: Have we forgotten that men can be our allies?

Q6: Will we ever reach a point when men become the minority and resent us more than they ever have?

Q7: Will we end up forgiving discrimination and forgetting balance?

Q8: Will we hate the word ‘diversity’ as much as we hate ‘quota’?

Q9: Is ‘positive discrimination’ an oxymoron?


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