On a side note

sad-puppy1A few days back, a colleague asked me to read this. It’s definitely a piece you can ignore, but I read it. I even went ahead and read the comments on suggestion of this same evil colleague who soon after popped around to ask – ‘Do you still feel HR Positive?’

I must admit, I may have shed a few imaginary tears when I read the comments. Let me put down some of them here to save you the trouble of looking for them.

‘Most people in HR don’t add anything to the company.’

‘HR is mostly superfluous overhead…….’

‘Sorry to burst your bubble Ms. Fife but no matter what the level and fancy title, HR is for losers.’

There is more but I think you get the drift. Maybe we need to work harder than we do to show them that they are wrong. There is so much to do and so few of us doing it.

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