Where have I been?

The past four months of my life have revolved around travelling. I squeezed in two long vacations within this period, much to the dismay of the businesses I support. Last year when I finally decided to begin travelling more, I didn’t imagine it would get to a point where I’d be exploring to a new place every month, but Hey! I’m not complaining.

I took some well-needed time off, traveled to two continents apart from the one I live on, traveled solo for the first time in my life and discovered quite a bit along the way. Now it’s time to stay at home base and get cracking. I know the travelling and time-off has impacted my blogging schedule but no more!

Thank you for being patient and sticking around. I promise I have some fun stuff scheduled.

P.S: I’m still on vacation but I have two hours to kill before I get onto the next train. The guilt is real! 🙂


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