Hit Delete

delete-bigAttachment could be humankind’s biggest failure. I penned 400 words of nonsense yesterday. I knew it was less than optimal. I knew that it didn’t deserve a spot on my blog. It did not even belong to the recycle bin. Yet, I couldn’t do it. I could not get myself to hit delete and I must admit this is not the first time. Sometimes, these pieces get the better of me and show up here.

It isn’t just words either, is it? We all attach ourselves to things we shouldn’t – ideas, beliefs and blog posts that we know just aren’t good enough. Yet we refuse to junk them. We hold on to them for reasons beyond ourselves. Yet more often than not, it is but a tumor that needs to be severed.

So hit delete and find a way to move ahead. To be clichéd – make space for something better. On my part, I promise to be more discerning on what goes up on this site.


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