It’s OK to lose

I could tell you that the life of an HRBP isn’t all fun, but you already know that. As custodians of culture, people champions, strategic thinkers (and the many other hats we wear), the role is anything but easy. And then, when you need it the least, there comes along a situation where the worldview of the business leaders just does not match yours. Despite facts, justification and the trust that you’ve painstakingly built over time, they still won’t budge. What follows is a long battle to the finish line and I want to tell you that you will win. Most of the times, you will, but sometimes, you won’t.

What follows is a long duet with frustration sometimes shadowed by the feeling of helplessness. You may begin to ponder on the futility of your role and resign to fate. Don’t!

Much like life, you will meet a variety of business leaders on your journey. Some think exactly the way you do, some the exactly opposite. Some listen to what you have to say, some don’t. Some shouldn’t be making the decisions that they so but do so anyway. Some tricks may work, sometimes they won’t. You still need to do your bit.

Too many HR folks give up and do less than they are meant to. You aren’t one of them. So get up and continue to do what is best for your organization and its people. Continue to fight with data, impact and implications. Remember you are the expert on people, but most of all remember that it is OK to lose. You win too and you win more often than you lose.


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