Setting one up for failure


Taking risks is essential. However, blind risks are fatal especially when your risks could ruin one’s career. Everyone loves to move up the ladder. You take a high performing individual at a level and move him up before he’s ready, he is bound to be happy. Fast forward six months  and when he falls to the bottom of the curve, the same leadership team that decided to promote him decides he needs to be put on a development plan. How is that fair to the individual?

I’ve witnessed this happen for a while now. As HRBPs, it becomes out duty to caution leaders on their decisions. However, if they go ahead, it is just as much our responsibility to enable the newly promoted individual to be successful at his new role. It is challenging. More so when you see your worst fears coming true. The individual is struggling. His team loses faith in him and his career is on the line.

Have you seen this happen? What did you do? Have you ever set someone up for failure? How did you deal with it?

I’d like to know.


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