The truth behind internal equity

If you have worked in HR long enough, you have without doubt used the term internal equity/parity at least once. This versatile term can be put to use anytime a conversation around compensation creeps up. It can be at the time of hiring, internal transfer or at the much loved annual appraisal cycle when a … Continue reading The truth behind internal equity

Book Review: 8 steps to High Performance by Marc Effron

Life is unfair. Some people begin their career with a clear advantage. Your intelligence (measured in IQ) is inherited, so is your socio-economical background, height, appearance and core personality. As per Marc Effron, these together form 50% of the factors that predict success. Nevertheless, the other 50% is entirely in your control. It is this 50% that that the book hopes to address.

What does one do with the strength-based philosophy?

This is not yet another article advocating the benefits of a strength-based philosophy. We’ve seen many of those already, haven’t we? Gallup, Peter Drucker and the industry as a whole have successfully convinced me to believe that employee performance and consequently organizational productivity is positively impacted when organizations routinely focus on strengths. I’m sold! However, despite all the … Continue reading What does one do with the strength-based philosophy?

Three reads on Performance Mgmt

It's as simple as that. I have three articles that I love & given the season (Year end. Not Christmas!!!), it is really the best time to share. Reinventing Performance Management by Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall Let's Not Kill Performance Evaluations Yet by Lori Goler, Janelle Gale & Adam Grant The Performance Management Revolution by Peter Cappelli & Anna Tavis Yes, I realize that they are … Continue reading Three reads on Performance Mgmt