Making work fun


It isn’t that hard to turn work into fun & fun doesn’t come in just one variety. According to Nicole Lazzaro, there are four kinds of fun:

  1. Easy fun – This is casual, nice, light and takes minimal effort. Think of it as the fun you have when you’re relaxing by the ocean or hanging out with friends.
  2. Hard fun – This is the fun you have solving challenges, attaining mastery or overcoming obstacles. Think of it as the fun you had spent hours solving that complicated math problem (if you’re that kind) or that puzzle at the hackathon.
  3. People fun – The fun that comes from social interaction. This can overlap with easy or hard fun. These are not all mutually exclusive but think of this as the fun you have when working together as a team.
  4. Serious fun – How can fun be serious? Valid question. There is also fun in doing something that has meaning for you. This can be doing good for the planet, for your family or friends.

There you go. While designing work, try incorporate some fun. Try incorporating all four kinds.Your employees will thank you!

P.S: Check out this very cool website that showcases how Volkswagen makes fun work.


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