Is our workplace spoiling us?

I think I’ve been spoilt. After close to two years of never having put on a formal shirt, or heaven forbid – work trousers, I’m struggling to get myself into an erstwhile set for an upcoming “formal” (sigh!) event. Of course, special occasions like these deserve that wardrobe but it lead me to wonder if I could ever go back to a life where these form a part of my everyday wear. The sheer thought of giving up on my comfortable jean, t-shirt coupling sent shudders down my spine. My organization has ruined me!  (Just kidding! Do not dare quote this line anywhere.)

And it’s not the just whole ‘dress-code’ bit. It is the culture that organizations around the world have started offering – free food, walk in anytime to work, work from anywhere, no cubicles, pretty cubicles, noise-free cubicles and the list is endless.

When someone comes in from a different work setting into a slightly more restrictive work setting e.g. me telling you to be at work by 9am every day, he is bound to feel suffocated. Not to say that the person won’t adapt but that’s an extra little effort spent in that direction.

Can I imagine working for an investment bank now? At some point, I may love to. If the role were meaty enough, I’d consider it immediately but not without cribbing an extra bit every morning if only just for a while.


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