SHRM India Annual Conference 2016 – Day 1, New Delhi, India

SHRM is back again this year pushing HR to think big, bold and different. Summarized by a single word – “DARE”, this year’s annual conference does not disappoint. My day began with Raghu Raman speaking about how to remain agile in the VUCA world. I could not have wished for a more engaging start to the day. With examples from the Army, terrorism and space, Raghu made some hard-hitting points. He talked about how we’ve been using the tools from the past in a world where they may no longer be relevant. He encouraged the audience to take risks and create strong networks of trust within the organization. My favorite quote of the talk was when he was talking about collaboration and said ‘If we do not hang together, we most certainly will hang one by one.’ There were of course many more but for that you’d have to head over to my Twitter handle.

I then headed over to hear Pramod Bhasin set context on ‘Think.Dream.Belive.Dare’ and I think he did a brilliant job. He came with his share of laughs that left the audience wanting more. He re-emphasized the importance of taking risks (a theme which I saw repeat over the course of the day). Pramod also brought to light some harsh realities like the glass ceiling for women, India giving more importance to age vs talent and how we like to play it safe.

While, I would love to talk about the many sessions I witnessed today, we both know that it’ll end up in a post too long to read. So I am going to close with a mention of my favorite session of the day – the one where Pamela & Dave (from Metzano) and our very own Blog Squad member Jonas Prasanna spoke to those gathered about social media and the importance of personal branding. It was a good lesson for me for I do not refresh my social media accounts as often as I should (suggested once in 6 weeks). My picture on Twitter has been the same for the past 4 years and I definitely had never checked my Klout score. The speakers were bombarded with questions which clearly reflected that HR does want to get onto the Personal Branding bandwagon. Don’t fear, I will do a quick post on tips & tricks with the experts themselves.

Some last key highlights from Day 1 –

  1. An SHRM study showed that MS Excel features as the primary source of data in Talent Acquisition. You know it’s true!
  2. Adding pictures to your tweets is a very good idea!
  3. Encourage MoMo feedback – more open, more often

That’s all folks! I am now heading down for the Gala night! See you tomorrow.

P.S: Go on to Twitter & check out #SHRMI16 for all that happened today.

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