The woes of a blogger

I am going to take some liberty here and talk about something not related to ‘HR’. Why not! It’s my blog and I am allowed to stray once in a while.

This comes out of frustration of not being able to deliver. I have been incubating over a piece I’ve wanted to put out here for a while now. Every day for the past week, a word document with 300 odd words opens, gets stared at, a few sentences get added/deleted and then it goes back to where it was – a safe unpublished file on my desktop. It was only a couple of weeks back that with great enthusiasm the document was created. After all, the year-end planning is my favorite season and I have so much to say about it.

But I can’t.

The words are all wrong. The ideas all over the place with absolutely no flow. I feel like a third grader being asked to pen an essay on world politics. Let me give you a slight insight – I wanted to talk about ‘simplification of the workplace’ and I’ve reached the end of my wits trying to talk about how we can go about it. Sure, it’s been a trend for about 2 years and more. Are we there yet? Of course not! It’s such a broad theme and I am struggling to put down 3 “simple” ways everyone can start. How did simplicity get this hard?

Which got me thinking (I know I am drifting in a tangent. Bear with me here.) This piece will now get tucked into a corner for a while and not emerge till one day I have an invigorating discussion with my colleagues on the topic. My mind naturally drifted to Steven Johnson’s ‘Where good ideas come from’. I just hope the piece doesn’t incubate 10 years and emerges before 2016 does.

P.S. Notice what I did here? I talked about simplicity at the workplace and idea generation while ranting. 🙂


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