Quick to forget

Organizations are quick to forget those who leave. True that the trend has been changing but not at the speed and the efficiency that we would like to see. Those who once worked for us are the most credible feedback providers to ourselves and to the outside world.

We need to pick up on the trend of alumni networks, but there’s more. How about sending a bouquet of flowers to the guy who quit his job a year later and say that we miss him? We spend a chunk of our budget handing out welcome kits to the kids who join but what do we do to our star performers who left?

How about you give the ones on notice period the appraisal amount that they were eligible for before they announced their decision to leave? How about giving him an ‘Our doors will always be open for you’ card along with his experience letter?

On-boarding has gone through a major overhaul in our attempt to improve the employee experience. Maybe it’s time to overhaul the employee experience at the time of exit too.


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