Don’t rush to climb the ladder

I wish I could find an apt Dr. Suess quote to begin with but I can’t, so I’m going to make up one of my own –


“There’s a rung you miss and a slip you make
& soon you find yourself at the bottom all over again”

Ok, I apologize. That was awful but I hope the rest of the text will get the point across. Do you see a lot of disappointed faces who didn’t make it to the promotion list? Happens. Life is unfair but it’s also just a little bit fair at times. Especially to those who haven’t spent time and effort to be good at what they are currently doing and yet have the sights set on a little too far away. (Not a bad thing!)

Be good at things you do at the level you are before you aim for the next. Of course, being good at your current role does not make you prepared or eligible for the next by default. Maybe you’d be an excelled coder but an awful manager, but first be the excellent coder or a good coder before you want to be a manager.

Take your time, do your learning. Don’t be in a hurry. Good things take time and you will get there.

Did I get the point across?

Have an apt Suess quote? Please let me know.


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