Infographic Craze!

We’re all loving this new form of data representation, aren’t we? But how many infographic resumes have you come across? I’ve seen a few float around in the marketing department. Save that, it’s not really caught on.  Considering that the average recruiter take an average of 6s to look at a resume, I wonder why not!

Change isn’t always appreciated and this is one example where it may be applicable. Most traditional companies and conventional hirers would be wary. I’m not entirely sure if all the sourcers in our recruitment team would even take it seriously. On the other hand, my marketing department is loving it (obviously!)

The amount of information that can be represented in a clean infographic resume is much lesser than possible in a traditional one. Can these represent all relevant data, say, for a human resource professional? I am sure it can. (Check this out:

Would you be wary if someone sent you a resume in this format? I’d be curious but in the end all I’d really analyze is the effectiveness.

How many of you have considered creating an infographic resume?


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