Some days I hate my job

I schedule one day a month where I make set some time aside to go pray. Do I need to? Of course, I do!

If someone came to me and told me to resign, move to another location when I didn’t want to, or  ask me to leave, I would curse the person; even if the person was just the bearer of bad news and not the person responsible. On the other hand, very few people thank the HR.  Not because they have no reason to but because the benefits are rarely out there for everyone to see.

Having difficult conversations are never fun (unless you are a sadist). I have seen people squirm in their seats, shed tears, bawl their heart out, become furious and the entire gamut of emotions that come with receiving news that they do not want to hear. Some understand that we do not enjoy being on the other side, however I am sure that at least 80%, if not more, hurl a silent curse.

Very often even opportunities sound like bad news. These cases are tougher because the more you try to convince the person that this is good for them, the more they will hate you. There are of course cases where they do understand and thank you. Some return after years to thank you, but at that moment you are the enemy.

It is for all these reasons that I try and place these conversations at intervals which give me time to recoup. But there are days like today when I have 3 of those conversations scheduled one after another.

It is the days like this on which I quietly close my laptop at the end of the day and walk to God and ask for forgiveness.

Do you feel the same way?


One thought on “Some days I hate my job

  1. As you eluded to, employees rarely thank HR professionals for being compassionate. When people acknowledge we are just messengers of bad news, it makes delivering bad news a little less stressful. Embrace the fact that you’re compassionate and care about the people you serve. Compassion isn’t tangible but when we demonstrate it people do appreciate it.

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