Game on!

Anyone remember Encarta’s Mindmaze? That single game got me to learn more General Knowledge than all teachers and parents combined. Gamification isn’t new. We’ve all witnessed it in one form or another. Who doesn’t enjoy playing games? Noticed what a lot of employees do when bored or in terribly long meetings? They play games on their cellphones/laptops – any available platform!

Amongst the many interesting presentations that I witnessed the past week, the one on gamification was by far the most interesting. The most mundane issues catch your attention when thrown in the form of a game. We began by playing an SA8000 policy awareness game as a part of a demo by a startup. By the end of the session, with many wrong answers, most of us in the room knew a lot more about SA8000 that we did when we walked in. With many of our employees complaining about the lack of awareness of most policies, this serves as a fun way to get it done.

Organizations have adopted gamification for training, awareness, and assessment purposes with great results. With technology being the HR world’s new best friend, there is little reason for organizations to not adopt gamification with their arms wide open.

Has your organization jumped on the bandwagon yet?


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