The various options: Critical Resource Group

If you thought I’d abandoned my Critical Resource Group project, you’re wrong. I’ve used my travelling to only discuss on how this little idea is implemented in other organizations and how to fix the many gaps that exist in my idea.

Over the course of my discussions, I realized that the initiative can be run for various purposes and in different ways. I’m going to try and give a quick snapshot of it here:

1.  A) As a bandage: Very often when we rush into this initiative, it is used to bandage an open wound. We realize that excessive  attrition is taking place, we want to retain our top talent and so we tailor make a plan for them and execute it, hoping that they will stay back. Not a highly sustainable method nor replicable.

B) Basket of treats: Create a list of offerings. It could be crème d crème of projects, training, seminars, salary corrections,  mentoring, meeting the CEO – get as crazy as you can. The stay interviews will then determine what combination of  offerings will best fit an individual. It is about making sure that this selected set knows that they are important and valued.

2.  The second one is a little more difficult, time consuming if the basic framework is not in place and the best way to execute it.  It revolves around creating a career growth path for all employees in the organization including a integrated training plan. When all the basics are in place, you look at your top talent and use an accelerated career path for them. Plans such as the shadow board work best in such scenarios.

What works best for you?


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