Don’t solve that crib!

Surprised? It’s not a new school of thought. Think about it. Will eliminating majority of your employee’s cribs reduce the attrition or increase your ESAT score drastically? Maybe, but maybe not. More often than not, they just find new things to crib about. Eliminating the negatives rarely lead to a positive. Instead, focus on how you could make your employees find their work more fruitful.

Often, we look for simplistic solutions to problems. Isn’t it easier to just know the answer to a problem?  Take two questions:

Q1: Employees need transport facilities. How do we fix that?

Q2: Name two things that would make your employees want to stay with the company; two things that make them enjoy coming to work every day.

Which would you find easier to solve? Which will give you more joy in solving?

So here’s my point – try and figure out what makes your employees tick. Focus on making them want to work with your company – the positives. Focusing on eliminating the cribs may not get you where solving the second question will. Yes, it is important to eliminate the crib areas but you need to spend more time on the second. People will always have something to crib about. Make them love their despite that!


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