What’s your legacy?

I may have referred to a similar theme in my earlier posts but it is definitely one that needs revisiting every now and then. It’s been praying on my mind all the more now with my transition taking place.

At some point of time, it is always important to step back and question what it is that you bring to the table. Why would someone come to you? The answer to this would essentially stem from your belief as to what an HR professional is all about. We keep talking about how we are the ‘people specialists’ and what our value add is but the question that really needs to be answered is ‘What would you tell an employee to make him believe that you add value to him?’.

There are a lot of questions that stem from that initial question. Very often we tend to answer this from purview of our professional experience or related education. We have chosen HR as a field but why did we? What is it that we believed we could bring to the table? A lot of us may have stumbled into this profession and not knowingly stepped into our current roles; however, if we are going to spend a major chunk of our life working in this field, we must let ourself know what we should be doing.

In a idealistic world, what would you think an HR’s role would be? If you were to stand in the middle of the road and proclaim to be an HR professional, what would be your reason to have people come to you? Is it because you’d be an expert in team building? Is it because you can ensure every individual that you would make them better people managers? What would you say to them? Why would people come to you?

Spend some time thinking about what your answer to this question will be. A lot of people live through their entire career not knowing why people need them. A lot would even believe themselves to be dispensable. You create the value that you believe you will.

So tell me – why should a person go to an HR specialist?

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