What was United thinking?

On 2nd March 2018, United Airlines President Scott Kirby attempted to spice up the life of his employees. The organization decided to get a little creative with their rewards system and messed with employee bonuses. In case you haven’t heard (which would be surprising given the stir it has created), the scheme was this – you take … Continue reading What was United thinking?


Recognition? What?

HR giants have been tom-tomming about recognition for a long time now. Recognition quickly then translates into rewards which then ends up with your organization rolling out yet another “recognition” mechanism. We are bombarded by statistics surrounding recognition all the time ‘80% of employees claim that recognition is a strong motivator of work performance’ (http://www.businessinsider.in/10-Reasons-Your-Best-Employees-Are-Leaving-You/10-Reasons-Your-Best-Employees-Are-Leaving-You/slideshow/40318344.cms) … Continue reading Recognition? What?