Changes at Basecamp

I have mentioned Basecamp on this blog twice before, both in 2015 when they moved from 37signals to Basecamp. Yes, that is how long I have been tracking them. On 26th April 2021, Jason Fried, founder & CEO of Basecamp, announced yet more changes. However, this time, unlike before, my reactions are not all positive. … Continue reading Changes at Basecamp


What does one do with the strength-based philosophy?

This is not yet another article advocating the benefits of a strength-based philosophy. We’ve seen many of those already, haven’t we? Gallup, Peter Drucker and the industry as a whole have successfully convinced me to believe that employee performance and consequently organizational productivity is positively impacted when organizations routinely focus on strengths. I’m sold! However, despite all the … Continue reading What does one do with the strength-based philosophy?