The case for eliminating (most) meetings & how

There are four months left in the year and, as incredulous as it feels, it is time to think of what work would look like in 2022. As organizations continue planning to ‘return to work’ for what’s likely the 13th month running, the evidence on burnout is overwhelming. A study by the University of Chicago … Continue reading The case for eliminating (most) meetings & how

Reinventing Employee Experience and Workplace Culture Post COVID-19

It has been one year since the world changed due to the pandemic. One complete trip around the sun with a virus piggybacking on us, and we survived. It has been undoubtedly a journey we never imagined embarking on and a difficult one at that. Now, as we make plans for a new future, there are … Continue reading Reinventing Employee Experience and Workplace Culture Post COVID-19

365 Give

I learnt that the answer to finding happiness lay in one simple act - giving. So easy that a 3 year old could do it. Jacqueline’s delivery is flawless and her story inspires you to join the movement in changing the world 1 give, 1 day at a time.

Engagement surveys: confidential vs. anonymous

Employee engagement surveys have been pitched as anonymous for as long as they have been around.I have seen organizations where employee information is not captured in any form (not even by coded numerical) and is truly anonymous. I’ve also seen organizations where employee data is captured and held secret by the survey administrator, thus making … Continue reading Engagement surveys: confidential vs. anonymous

What do we do about time-off?

Removing the limit on any kind of time-off requires a mind shift and needs as much attention as any change management initiative. Given that, we are terrible at any kind of change management, it’s only natural that we don’t get it right in the first attempt. Don’t let that stop you.