Big Idea 2023: Harvesting meeting data

We live in a world obsessed with data. In many ways, with our every move being tracked, analyzed, and used by innumerable organizations, data is the new currency. This holds true for our workplaces too and while we've begun harvesting more data than ever, even more stays unexplored. One such highly potential source of insights … Continue reading Big Idea 2023: Harvesting meeting data


Data with a heart

I love data democracy, the power of being able to analyze data independently without being dependent on another individual. Products like these empower every individual in the organization to derive meaningful insights at team, business and organizational level. It doesn’t overwhelm nor fall short. Heartcount gracefully does all the hard work and allows you to jump straight to the meaningful insights.

The golden trick to boost survey responses

I’ve spend multiple nights lying awake plagued with nightmares of low survey response rates. If you are someone who rolls out surveys on a regular basis, you may be able to sympathize with me. I spent the past year trying every trick in the trade to boost participation - especially for ONA (Organizational Network Analysis), … Continue reading The golden trick to boost survey responses